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12 Jul 2021 Financials

In this article you will be able to know about our settlement process and how you can view your settlements reports.

How Settlements Work

An order is flagged as valid for settlement 15 days after the order delivery date. It is then transferred to your business bank account on the upcoming settlement day. which happens once a week.

The settlement is transferred to the merchant’s business bank account saved in the merchant's store settings. Each settlement is done through two transfers that go out in the same time. One transfer contains the products value (after the fees are deducted, and excluding the products VAT) and the second transfer contains the products VAT.

We do four settlements in a month for all the valid orders on the following dates 1,8,15,22 every month. Merchant will receive email notification for the amount settled for the valid orders.Please refer to the settlement report tab in the seller dashboard.