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Create a Store

31 Oct 2019 Merchant Store

By creating a store, you will be able to start uploading and selling your products on

In order to create a Store, you need:

• To be an established business with a valid trade license from Dubai Economy and Tourism

• Read and understood our Selling Policies and Merchant Agreement

• You should first create a Merchant Profile on

After you have done the above, you can login to your Merchant Profile and start creating your store by filling information related to your business, pickup location for our courier, and your company bank information.

1. Login to your Merchant account and click on the “Create New Store” button.

Merchant Store creation -

2. Enter your company trade license number and click Proceed. You must have a current and valid trade license from Dubai Economy and Tourism.

Merchant store creation -

A. In this step, our system automatically connects to the system of Dubai Economy and Tourism to verify your trade license number.

B. If the trade license number exists in the database, you will have two options:

i. Option 1: we send an OTP to the mobile number registered on the trade license to verify that you are part of organization.


ii. Option 2: In the case that you are an employee at the organization but the mobile number in above Option 1 is not valid anymore, or not in your reach, or it belongs to the PRO or the owner who may be not be connected to the daily operation of the business, you can simply choose to upload a copy of the trade license.

After you create the store, our team we make a verification call to make sure you are part of the mentioned organization. The store will not go live until our team flags your account as verified.

3. Start filling your Business Information:

Merchant Store creation 3 -

A. Business Name: this will be automatically filled by our system.

B. Trade License Expiry Date: Enter your trade license expiry date and

C. Friendly Name: this will show on the website. It needs to have a similarity to your trade license business name. It can be a short version in case your business name is long. If you own a brand, the friendly name could be your brand name if you do not wish to use a friendly name similar to your trade license.

Example: if your business name is Blue Sky Electronics and Trading LLC, your friendly name could be Blue Sky Electronics.

D. Business Logo: Upload your business logo. (Max 1 MB, JPG/PNG).

E. Business Category: choose a business category that best describes your business as per your trade license.

F. Email Address: enter a valid business email address that you regularly check so we can send you order notifications and important updates.

o Option 1: you can use the same email you used while creating your Merchant profile. In this case click the checkbox “use profile email”.

o Option 2: you can use another email address. In this case fill in the new email address and click “verify email” and check your inbox for OTP to verify the email address before proceeding.

G. Mobile Number: Similarly, you can either use the same mobile number you used while creating your Merchant profile, or you can submit a new number specific to this store and click “verify mobile number” to receive an OTP.

H. Click Next

4. Pickup Location: In this tab, you have to enter a valid physical address where delivery team can pick up your orders from, in order to deliver them to your customers.

It’s a mandatory and merchants need to provide the complete information

Merchant store creation 4 -

5. Company Bank Account: This is your company bank account where we will send your funds to. For information about funds transfers visit our Merchant Funds Transfer help page.

It’s a mandatory and merchants need to provide the complete information

Merchant store creation 5 -

6. Confirm your registration by clicking on Create Store button.

After the store setup, you will be redirected to your Store Admin Dashboard.
To upload your products, please contact us via email on and send us your catalog information so our team can prepare it in our bulk product templates for upload.

Alternatively, you can call the merchant support team on 600 500 403 and select option 2.