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Managing Your Communication Center

31 Oct 2019 Communication Center

The communication center is a feature that enables customers to communicate with merchants on DubaiStore by sending them messages about any inquiries they may have about the merchants’ products.

If your communication center is enabled, customers will be able to see a “Contact Merchant” link on your products page and on your Merchant microsite within the DubaiStore platform.

DubaiStore expects merchants to have their Communication Center enabled all the time. You have the option to temporarily disable your Communication Center for a short period due to certain circumstance.

Below is useful information about managing your Communication Center.

Code of Conduct
Merchants are expected to maintain a professional attitude in their responses.

Reply Timeframe
Merchants are expected to reply to their messages within the same day, and a maximum of 24 hours, from when they receive the message.

Messages Types

The DubaiStore website visitors or your customer can send you messages during their journey on the website through the following pages:

  1. Your products details pages
  2. Their Orders Details page if they want to ask about an order update
  3. Their Return Request page: if they want to ask about their Return Reques
  4. Your microsite

You will be able to know which page they have sent you the message from by looking at the message header in your Communication Center page.

Enabling or Disabling your Merchant Communication Center

1- Login to your store dashboard

2- Go to the General menu and click on Communication Center

Merchant Communication Center -

3- On the top right corner you will find an enable/disable button which you can use to turn your communication center On or OFF

Merchant Communication Center -

Don’t disable your Communication Center for too long

  • If you disable your Communication Center, make sure to reply to any pending customer messages
  • Do not leave your Communication Center disabled for a long period. DubaiStore expects merchants to have their Communication Center enabled all the time and to only disable the feature temporarily for short period of no longer than few days due to certain business or operational circumstance.